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Through Heaven’s Eyes

“If you looked in the mirror and saw yourself through God’s eyes, what are some things you can imagine He’d say about what He sees?”

That was Dan Kopp’s sneak preview to his 9-6-15 message at The Eastside Vineyard Church called “The Lying Mirror“.  In that message, Dan quoted Leif Hetland’s book, “Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes“:

“We all have a need for significance.  Besides survival, it is the strongest drive we have.  We need to know that our life matters, that who we are and why we are here counts for something.  So… who are you?  And why are you here?

You are God’s crowning achievement, His masterpiece.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made.  You were also purposefully made.  You are here for a reason – to bear God’s image and to establish His heavenly Kingdom on earth.  You are a co-creator with Him, a co-ruler with Him, and a co-lover with Him.  He has chosen you to dance in step with the Trinity . . . In this vast and expansive universe, you matter.  You!  You are loved beyond comprehension.  You are precious beyond words.  You are valued beyond measure.”

Then Dan did something beautiful.  He took that quote, line by line, and gave us God’s Word for each part (click on the red references to go to each verse at Biblegateway.com):

You are God’s crowning achievement (He saved the best for last):  Genesis 1:26-27
You are God’s masterpiece:  Ephesians 2:10
You were fearfully and wonderfully made:  Psalm 139: 13-14
You were purposefully made:  Ephesians 2:10
You were made in the image of God:  Colossians 3:10
You are here to establish God’s heavenly Kingdom on earth:  John 14:12
You are a co-creator with Him (He has given you gifts):  Exodus 35:30-31
You are a co-ruler with Him:  Genesis 1:26
You are a co-lover with Him:  Galatians 5:6
You get to join the dance with the Triune God:  John 17:1-5 **(see below)
You matter!  You are crowned with glory and honor:  Psalm 8:5-6
You are loved beyond comprehension:   Ephesians 3:17-18
You are precious beyond words:  Psalm 116:15
You are valued beyond measure:  Matthew 6:26

God is not mad at us.  He’s not disappointed in us.  He loves us.  He likes us.  He delights in us.  He longs to see us blossom into who He sees we can become.  If we could look in the mirror and see what God sees, would it change the way we live?  Would we stop wasting energy beating ourselves up and instead put that energy into receiving God’s love and passing it along to those around us?

“When you need comfort, I love to enfold you in My arms.  I enable you not only to feel comforted but also to be a channel through whom I comfort others.  Thus you are doubly blessed, because a living channel absorbs some of whatever flows through it.”
– Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence“, October 16th

I want to be that living channel.  I want to absorb God’s love as it flows through me to other people.  But in my own strength, I can’t do it.  And it’s not a matter of trying harder.  It’s a matter of trusting Jesus.  I need to turn to Him, thank Him, and breathe in His gift of life, moment by moment, day by day.  Rest, receive and pass it on.

“My calling is outside of my ability to fulfill it.  Only Jesus living through me can do it.”
– Beth Moore’s 2015 Living Proof Live Simulcast

“Lord, I come, I confess
Bowing here I find my rest
Without You I fall apart
You’re the One that guides my heart

Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
Every hour I need You
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God, how I need You”

– Matt Maher, “Lord, I Need You

**If you’ve ever wondered why God created us and why He is Three Persons in One (the “Triune God” or the “Trinity”), check out Dan Kopp’s message from 8-30-15 called “Dancing with the Triune God“.  Dan paints an incredible picture that you need to see with your own eyes.  Take 30 minutes to watch.  You’ll be so glad you did.

Two “churchy” words (Part 3)

Before I go any further, I need to address two words that get a lot of bad press.  One is “sin” and the other is “repent”.  Wait!  Don’t stop reading.  Give me a minute.

“Sin” is simply an archery term that means “to miss the mark”.  Imagine aiming your bow and arrow at the target, shooting the arrow and missing the target.  Someone would yell “sin!”  That’s all.  You just missed the mark.  Thanks to Dave Wilson for that illustration.

“Repent” simply means “to change one’s mind” and “to turn around”.  Imagine heading one direction, realizing that you’re heading the wrong the direction, changing your mind and turning around.  That’s it.  Just turning around.  Thanks to Chris Zarbaugh for that illustration.

So, when John the Baptist and Jesus preached, “Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near” (Matt. 3:2 & 4:17 NLT), they were simply saying, “Turn around, you’re missing the mark.  Turn to God.  He’s right there waiting for you.”  This isn’t a “turn or burn” message.  This is a “turn because I love you and I have something beautiful for you” message.

And how beautifully the Apostle Paul puts it in Acts 3:19 (NLT): “Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.”  Of course!  If we’re turning to God, we’re no longer missing the mark.  He is the target.  And when we turn to him, we are acknowledging what Jesus did on the cross.  He took on all of our sins, all of our “turning away”.  All of that was nailed to the cross.  Bought and paid for.  Redeemed!  Gone.  Wiped away.  The slate is clean.

I love these words from Matt Maher’s “Turn Around”:

“You don’t need to move, Love has come to you, all you gotta do is turn around”

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