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The One Who Knows

I have to tell you how excited I am.  I am dictating this blog post right now on my Mac.  I can’t believe it!  Thank you so much to Alex McManus for this wonderful tip!

I have been in the process of bringing this computer home for months.  It’s been a really long process.  And even when I brought it home, it wasn’t where it is right now.

You see, we have a bait and tackle store in Harrison Township, Michigan.  The main computer at the store had a cracked screen.   We put it off for as long as we could, but the crack started to travel and it was time to get it repaired.  We had to purchase a new computer to replace it temporarily.

Once the repaired computer was back at the store, we then had an extra computer and I could bring one of them home to replace my very slow, very old home office computer.   But even once it was here, I wasn’t comfortable moving it to where it is right now.  I’m very comfortable with my space and where I work every day.   So, I put it off.

Well, that old computer decided it just didn’t want to work anymore.  So, 11 days ago, John and I tore apart the office and switched the desks.  I now have the newer computer in the spot where I am comfortable.  The old computer had no microphone and no camera, but the new computer has both.

Here’s why that’s so important.  Four days ago I broke my arm.  I broke my radius at my wrist while rollerskating.  Actually, the rollerskating was great.  It was my first time on skates in 30 years and I skated for over an hour.  My problem was standing up after sitting and reading for an hour.  I was down, backwards, before I hardly knew I was up.  My instinct was to reach back and catch myself with my right hand.  Ouch!

I now have a cast on my right arm and typing is very challenging.  I needed to send an email out to let everyone know about the K-Rock performance tonight.  In that email I mentioned my challenges with typing, working, writing my blog, etc.   That’s when I received the tip about using Dictation & Speech on my Mac.   I never knew that feature was there!

Who could have known that I would need a computer with a microphone just one week after setting up this computer?  Who could have known?  Only God.  Thank you!  Thank you!

The last few days have been very challenging on so many levels, but this shows me so clearly that God is watching out for me.  He’s watching out for you too.  

So thankful that God knew about my broken radius before I did
So thankful that God knew about my broken radius before I did