My kids

I’ve categorized a lot of my posts as everyday “miracles”, but my kids are my very favorite miracles of all.  If it weren’t for Jesus Christ, these kids would not be here today.  Really, I don’t think I’d be here today.  So, when I see how God has worked through my kids, I can’t help but “boast in the Lord” and show them off.

Here’s the story of how I came to know Jesus at Kensington in 1994 and how my son “prophetically” spoke of what happened 25 years ago (can you prophesy in reverse?) at the K-Rock CD release party in August 2014: Joshua the Prophet

Speaking of K-Rock, here’s a post with links to all of the K-Rock performances that are available on-line:  You Gotta Have Art!  My favorites are:

1) Jordan Rose is blessed to be all over K-Rock’s original “The Whisper” (think “Lion King”)
2) K-Rock takes on Star Wars: A Summer Night in a Galaxy Not So Far Away
3) Jordan Rose is honored & privileged to lead 3 songs:  Who’s My Neighbor?
4) Joshua playing Moses & David Lee Roth all in one skit:  “Egyptians
5) Joshua as Aquaman seeing a psychiatrist:  “Superhero’s
6) Jordan Rose as the little girl in the red dress:  “Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

But my favorite story of all? The story of Jordan Rose & Dr Chub Andrews: Fresh Eyes

I hope that these stories encourage you to look with fresh eyes and see God’s everyday miracles all around you.  And when you see Him, please share your story.  You never know how your story will encourage others.

Update, with just a few more posts about my kids:

  1. God gave Jordan Rose braces:  Braces from Heaven
  2. Our boy from Kenya:  Karelo
  3. The only reason I know how to parent:  New Online Parenting Classes
  4. Now that they’re 14 and almost 18:  A Middle Years Mindset

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