Birthday Blogs

I had so much positive response to one blog post, that I felt it needed its’ own page.  I wrote Moment by Moment on my 43rd birthday, October 19, 2014, and I gave it out as my “birthday present” all year long.  Since then, I’ve continued to write a “birthday blog” each year, continuing the same pattern of giving them out as birthday presents all year long.

Here are links to all of my birthday blogs:

2014:  Moment by Moment  (all that junk – yep, Jesus redeemed that)

2015:  Through Heaven’s Eyes  (what does God see when He looks at us?)

2016:  Treasure Hunting  (can we really live every day better than before, or is this as good as it gets?)

2017:  The Best is Yet to Come (encouragement for the road ahead)

2018:  Little Victories (do something today that your future self will thank you for)

2019:  The One Thing I Know (one small habit that could change the course of your life)

I also continued to write about the importance of “turning around” moment by moment and I’ll include those posts here as well.  I hope that as you read, this will start to sink in and you will find freedom in it.

Turn Around (it’s not too late – we’re never too far gone)

Decide to Keep Deciding (remembering, forgetting and pressing on)

In your anger… (offense, anger and the war zone we live in)

The Beautiful Adventure (what was I put on this planet to do?)

A Forgiven Atheist? (what does forgiveness look like from God’s point of view?)

Garbage Truck Confession (I’ll let you guess on this one)

Thank You (what I learned about saying “I’m sorry” and “forgive me” over and over again)

The Swivel Chair (what does intimacy with God look like?)

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