Moment by Moment

I’ve had so much positive response to this one blog post, that I felt it needed its’ own page.  I wrote this on my 43rd birthday, October 19, 2014, and I’ve been giving it out as my “birthday present” to everyone ever since.  It’s my birthday present to you:

Moment by Moment

I’ve continued to write about the importance of “turning around” moment by moment and I’ll include those posts here as well.  You may feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over, but I hope that as you read, this will start to sink in and you will find freedom in it.

Turn Around (it’s not too late – we’re never too far gone)

Decide to Keep Deciding (remembering, forgetting and pressing on)

In your anger… (offense, anger and the war zone we live in)

The Beautiful Adventure (what was I put on this planet to do?)

A Forgiven Atheist? (what does forgiveness look like from God’s point of view?)

Garbage Truck Confession (I’ll let you guess on this one)

Thank You (what I learned about saying “I’m sorry” and “forgive me” over and over again)

The Swivel Chair (what does intimacy with God look like?)


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