I’m Beth Baumhauer Bacarella, wife of John, mother of Joshua, Jordan and Charlie dog (my German Shorthaired child), and CFO of Sportsmen’s Direct Inc.  I’ve been attempting to follow Jesus since May 1994 and I’ve really blown it for a lot of those 20 years.

This blog is my attempt to put in writing who I really am, what I really love and what I want to leave as a legacy to my kids.  I’ve written a lot over the years, but nothing in any format that my kids could look back on and say “that was my Mom”.  Not that I think I’m going to die at 42 years old, but who knows.  It’s never too early to get started on the first day of the rest of your life.

I’ve learned what I know about blogging from Beth Moore’s Living Proof Ministries blog, Seth Godin’s blog, Dan Kopp’s blog and Rita MacDonald’s Kitchen Table Devotions.  Thank you to all of you!  May I do you proud.

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1) If they asked me, I could write a book… (the first post)

2) An atheist singing a psalm (what I didn’t know in 1985 about U2’s song “40”)

3) Let It Blow (gaseous parody of Disney’s “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen”)

4) What makes us uniquely human?  (Erwin McManus’s “The Artisan Soul”)

5) Buckets and pipelines (does God still speak and do I still matter?)

6) Fresh eyes: Jordan Rose and Dr Chub Andrews (their story)

7) DreamSpace (what if we could connect with each other to fulfill our dreams together?)

8) DreamSpace Continued (organizations available to connect right now)

9) Look Up (what do we need to do when we’re feeling hopeless and overwhelmed?)

10) Joshua the Prophet (my story through the story of my son Joshua)

11) You Gotta Have Art! (compilation of Joshua & Jordan’s Kensington performances)

12) Speak Life (speak words of life or words of death – it’s our choice)

13) The Miracle Worker  (the story behind the painting left behind in my basement)

14) His Love is Strong (the joy of the Lord is our strength)

15) Robin Williams & (Not so) Helpful Advice (hopefully this advice really is helpful)

16) Don’t think about the bee (thinking about what we’re thinking about)

17) Salsa Chicken (my gluten struggles and a gluten-free recipe)

18) Urgent Questions/Deepest Needs (the prologue to “My Story”)

19) Redeemed – Part 1 (where it all began – Beth Moore & Third Day on 9-13-14)

20) Redeemed – Part 2 – He’s Greater (God speaks thru coupon codes & MercyMe songs)

21) Two “churchy” words (what Dave W & Chris Z taught me about “sin” and “repent”)

22) The Tyranny of the “Should” (trying to “pay back” Jesus for all he’s done for me)

23) The Face of Grace (Do you think God is angry with you?  Check this out)

24) Reconciling Wrath (“Good God” or “Wrathful God” – will the real God please stand up?)

25) Moment by Moment (what does it mean to “Let Go and Let God”?)

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