NoChild.org just posted this on their Facebook page and I wanted to share it here.

We often hear from our Sponsors about what sponsorship means to them. This message from Beth Baumhauer Bacarella was so special that we just had to share. Thank you Beth & John for caring so deeply for Karelo. His life will be forever changed because of you!

“There is something to be said for the simplicity of life in a third world country, as long as your basic needs are met. And isn’t that exactly what we’re blessed to be able to do for these kids? How much clearer can they hear from God than we can with all of our “first world problems” and distractions?

I look at Julius Murgor and all that he has accomplished because he had an education, he had his basic needs met and he had a strong enough relationship with God to persevere when it looked like nothing he was doing was making any difference at all. Little did he know that God was working the whole time and preparing him for what was to come. That’s what I want for Karelo: an education, his basic needs met, and a strong relationship with God to persevere. I believe that’s what he’s getting through NoChild.

I could make excuses and tell you that “I don’t have any money” because I live paycheck to paycheck. But that’s not true. I am blessed beyond measure. I have a business and a home and a yard and food and utilities and 3 vehicles in my household and 2 dogs and books and toys and Netflix and phones and computers and appliances and on and on. I have all of my needs met and a whole lot of my wants met as well. I am blessed. We are all so blessed. And I believe we are blessed to be a blessing.

And who better to bless than someone like Karelo? He’s a good investment.   He’s an amazing investment in the Kingdom of God. And I believe that he knows that he is also blessed to be a blessing. I believe he’s going to pay it forward and make this world a better place. All of these kids are.”

Here are two photos of Karelo. The first one was taken in 2010 when Beth & John began sponsoring him and the second photo was taken this past year.

Karelo 2009:2010


If you feel led to help change the world by changing a child’s future, I invite you to check out one of the many child sponsorship programs available:  NoChild.org, Compassion International, and World Vision are just a few that I know of.  If you already sponsor a child, if you’ve adopted a child into your family or if you’re a foster parent, THANK YOU!  You are a blessing.  You are making a difference.  Don’t ever forget that.

2 thoughts on “Karelo

  1. I have been sponsoring children for 35 years through International Childcare Ministries, which is a ministry through the Free Methodist Church of North America. It is surely a blessing to be able to provide for their schooling, clothing and food, plus extra as we are able. I currently have 2 sponsorees in Haiti and 1 in Kenya.

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