Braces from Heaven

We’re in the middle of a series at church called “Intentional Acts of Kindness” and we received “Pass It On” cards to prompt us to be thinking about who we could bless.

I came into church last Sunday to usher at the 2nd service, but my kids volunteer at all 3 services each weekend, so they had been there all morning.  My daughter Jordan came up behind me and handed me this card (see picture below), saying that it was from one of her 4 year old’s mom, Dr Brynn.  I thought it was her info so that Jordan could babysit for Brooks (the 4 year old), but then I read the card completely.

I’ll let the following emails tell the rest of the story.  Jordan thought that, somehow, Dr Brynn had found out about her story, but we hadn’t told anyone about it.  It was simply the prayer of a 12 year old young lady.  🙂



On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 3:12 PM Beth Bacarella wrote:

Hello Dr Brynn,

When Jordan brought me your “Pass It On” card this morning and I realized that it was for an orthodontic scholarship, we both started crying tears of joy. Then we told my parents (who were ushering with me this morning), and they started crying tears of joy as well. Let me tell you why.

Jordan has been seeing Dr Kabot in Clawson for the last 4 1/2 years. She has been wearing a retainer for all of that time and she gets it checked every few months. When we saw Dr Kabot in August, he said that she has done such a great job and “rocked that retainer” and that she’ll be done in December and could move on to braces, with much less work to be done due to using the retainer faithfully.

We knew that when we made the appointment to see Dr Kabot this coming December, we would have to tell him that we can’t afford braces. We used to have dental insurance that helped with the retainer, but now that my husband works full time for our bait and tackle store (and no longer has a job in the auto industry), we no longer have dental insurance.

When we got to my parents’ house in Clawson after seeing Dr Kabot, we had a long discussion about braces. Jordan was trying to figure out if she could some how finance them herself, maybe from babysitting jobs, as she had just taken a babysitting class at Henry Ford Hospital in August. But the more she thought about it, she wasn’t comfortable with committing to such a heavy financial responsibility, so she decided that she would go without braces and she would be ok. I told her that she could certainly pray that Jesus would give her braces if she really needed them.

And then you walked up to her this morning. Wow! Thank you!!! I can’t tell you what this means to Jordan. She’s been crying off and on at church all morning as she continues to share the story. We are all just blown away.

So, my question is, what’s our next step? We don’t need to wait until December. We can come see you whenever you’d like us to. I see that your office is in St Clair Shores, which is really close to us in Clinton Twp.

Looking forward to talking to you!

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart,

-Beth Bacarella


On Sep 23, 2018, at 5:08 PM, Brynn Jezdimir wrote:

HI Beth and Jordan,

I am so happy to hear that you “accept” my scholarship! I am so excited that I had to stop making dinner and message you back!!!

Jordan…. since we started coming to Kensington Clinton Twp 3 1/2 yrs ago you have been so helpful with our kiddos (Brooks and Violet). We were able to come to church consistently when Brooks was a year old because you held him and as you saw today he still likes that! We have been touched by your serving in KKids and have always thought you were special. For a couple of years I have had the thought “wouldn’t be great if I could be Jordan’s orthodontist”… as a way to thank you for all that you do for so many.

I am an orthodontist today because I was a pre-teen with crooked teeth that was not able to have braces when recommended. I was crushed and felt really self conscious about my smile. Once I was able to go through the experience I was amazed at how my teeth and confidence could be transformed. Being able to help others in this way is a passion of mine that I get to live out. God is so good! And so today, I felt the nudge loud and clear during the service to use my card as a way to “gift you your orthodontic treatment”.

You can call my office in the morning and schedule a new patient exam with me 🙂 We can evaluate your development and best time to start. Bring your retainer in from Dr Kabot too! 🙂 Yeah!!!! I am so excited to help you and for you to meet my team!



On Sep 23, 2018 at 5:41 PM, Brynn Jezdimir wrote:

Hello again,

I should add that I am so impressed with the gifts God has given to you, Jordan. Just from my outsider perspective… he has equipped you with kindness, a giving heart, dedication, and faithfulness. I am so grateful to be a part of your smile journey. May God continue to bless you!!! 



I sent the story to Dr Kabot, along with a personal note to him:

Dr Kabot,

Here’s the rest of the story.  🙂

We were able to see Dr Brynn on Monday 9/24 after school and had her evaluation, pictures and impressions done.  It was decided that Jordan would start with carrier appliances for her top back teeth with rubber bands, along with a clear retainer to keep the bottom teeth in place and 4 braces on her top front teeth to get that process started.  She went back on Thursday 9/27 to have all of that done and the attached picture is her “after” shot with Dr Brynn.  🙂  Jordan is in pain, but she’s doing a great job.  And we know the pain will subside soon.

Dr Kabot, we can’t thank you enough for your part in this story.  If it weren’t for those 4 1/2 years with you and Jordan’s retainer, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.  We’ve always enjoyed coming to see you and we’ll miss that.  But your office is very close to my mom’s house, so we will be sure to stop in here and there when we’re in the area.  🙂

Please do share this story with the ladies in your office (and with anyone else you’d like to!), as we will miss coming to see them as well.  Everyone in your office has been wonderful and we’re so thankful for the care and encouragement you’ve given all these years.

May God bless you, your family and your practice!

-Beth & Jordan

Dr Brynn, Jordan Rose & those braces from Heaven 🙂

Want to hear more of Jordan’s story?  Check out Fresh Eyes: Jordan Rose and Dr Chub Andrews.

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