DreamSpace continued

The response to that original “DreamSpace” email was very positive.  So much so that we had a conference call on Labor Day 2011 to discuss next steps.  From there, 3 different things happened:

1) I was invited to come to PeopleMovers in Detroit to see if there was some way to combine DreamSpace with http://peoplemovers.com.

2) Lori Naseef from http://www.provideinc.org invited me to her Like Minded women’s group.

3) Nathan Krusko found this Future of the Internet video, from the Aspen Institute’s 7th Annual Ideas Festival on June 28, 2011.  The creators of Twitter relaunched their company, http://obvious.com/, with a mission to build systems of “twitter-like quality” that help people work together to improve the world, to do something greater than they could individually.  They wanted to enable people who wouldn’t necessarily act on their own to find like-minded people, not just to talk about stuff, but to make an impact together.  They partnered with http://lift.do/ and created the goal-setting app called “Lift”, now updated to “Coach.me”.  Their original “habit tracker” is a nifty little app if you haven’t tried it.

Not long after that Labor Day meeting, John and I happened upon the “Dream Space” that is now Sportsmen’s Direct, on Jefferson Ave in Harrison Twp, MI.  Converting our basement web store into a full-fledged tackle store took all of my time and energy and DreamSpace was put on the shelf.  But it was not forgotten.

Later I found out about a site called https://www.thecommon.org , as Kensington Church had started communities there for each of their campuses.  The Common’s goal is “Making it easier to volunteer, give, share, help and connect in your community.”  I also found that Keith Zendler, the founder of PeopleMovers, had started a new site called http://www.thecspace.com.  I love the rotating tag line on CSpace:  “A Network of People and Organizations to Communicate their Vision, Collaborate to Move Forward, and Connect their World.”  Beautiful.  That’s exactly what I had envisioned with DreamSpace.

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